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A. Smith-Knowles

As a Manger working at the Consumer Protection Commission, I am a strong advocate for consumer rights. At the same time I also acknowledge the fact that merchants/businesses from time time encounter setbacks that sometimes delay the delivery of goods /services. As such, I think I stand from a unique perspective when it comes to assessing the quality of service that I receive from any business.

Furthermore, I am very reluctant to offer testimonials for establishments. However, I must say that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Repair Masters is an excellent business that renders topnotch service. They are very honest, professional and thorough in the delivery of their goods and service. The only area where they may need to improve on is, perhaps, keeping the lines of communication open during long periods of delayed shipping from abroad. By failing to send more frequent updates, it could be a little unsettling for a patron who is unfamiliar with this business. But they truthfully, do strive to render the best customer experience possible. Everything is automated– including the transmission of receipts (which every consumer has a right to receive). They also clearly are experts in their field and very proficiently diagnosed and repaired my problems with my electronic device/appliance.

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